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Transform your sales process with NUWAY’s AI Business Assistant. Designed to handle repetitive queries and take action based on purchase intentions, our solution enhances customer engagement and drives sales efficiency.
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Key Features

NUWAY’s AI Business Assistant is tailored to streamline sales operations by not only answering repetitive questions but also taking proactive steps based on customer purchase intentions. This smart assistant engages with potential buyers, gathers necessary information, and automates the next steps to ensure a seamless sales experience.

Purchasing a Home

Customer Query: A customer expresses interest in purchasing a home.
AI Response: The AI Assistant recognizes the purchase intention.
Action Taken:
- The AI Assistant asks about the type of home, budget, number of bedrooms, and preferred location.
- Collects the customer's name, email address, and phone number.
- Book an appointment with a real estate agent to suggest suitable options.
Outcome: The customer receives personalized assistance, and the real estate agent is provided with detailed information for a more productive meeting.

Additional Examples

Customer Query: The AI Assistant can ask about car preferences, budget, and features, then schedule a test drive with a dealership.
Software Purchase: The AI Assistant can determine the required features and usage needs, then connect the customer with a sales representative for a demo.
Consultation: The AI Assistant can gather initial information and schedule a consultation call with the appropriate expert.

Logic and Customization

Purchase Intention Recognition: Business owners can set specific purchase-related keywords that trigger predefined actions.
Automation Rules: Customize the AI Assistant to perform various actions based on the logic set, ensuring it aligns with your sales processes.
Continuous Learning: The AI Assistant continuously learns from interactions, improving its efficiency and accuracy over time.

Lead Qualification

Automates the process of gathering initial information from potential customers, qualifying leads efficiently.

Enhanced Customer Engagement

Provides immediate responses and personalized assistance, improving customer experience.

Seamless Integration

Easily integrates with your CRM and other sales tools for a smooth workflow.



Increases lead qualification efficiency


Improves customer engagement


Reduces time spent on repetitive sales tasks

How it works

Process Flow

Customer Interaction

The AI Assistant engages with the customer via chat or voice.

Purchase Intention Detection

Identifies purchase intentions in the customer’s query.

Action Execution

Gathers necessary information and performs the action set by the business owner, such as scheduling an appointment or providing personalized suggestions.

Continuous Improvement

Learns from each interaction to improve future responses and actions.

Features and Capabilities

Natural Language Processing NLP

Understands and processes natural language queries.

Integration with Sales Tools

Seamlessly connects with your CRM and other sales management tools.

Customizable Actions

Business owners can define specific actions for the AI Assistant to take based on purchase intentions.

Case Studies / Scenarios

Real-Life Examples

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Real Estate Agents

Automates the process of gathering buyer preferences, scheduling property viewings, and following up with potential buyers.
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Car Dealerships

Manages initial customer inquiries, schedules test drives, and provides information on available vehicles.
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Software Companies

Qualifies leads by understanding customer requirements, scheduling demos, and connecting prospects with sales representatives.

NUWAY’s AI Assistant has revolutionized our lead qualification process, allowing us to focus on high-quality leads and close deals faster.

Real Estate Agent

The AI Assistant’s ability to engage with customers and schedule test drives has significantly improved our sales efficiency.

Car Dealership Manager